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El Dorado (1966) izle



John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan
J.P. Harrah (Robert Mitchum) is an alcoholic but toothy sheriff who teams up with his old sheriff friend Cole Thornton (John Wayne). They are joined by an elderly Native American named Bull (Arthur Hunnicutt) and a gambler named Mississippi (James Caan). Maudie (Charlene Holt), who is J.P. Harrah's girlfriend, happens to be Cole Thornton's ex-girlfriend. There is a water dispute between two ranch owners.

After the Civil War, Bart Jason (Edward Asner) emerges with a bag full of money and quickly expands his business. In order to grow his operations, he needs more water. He sets his sights on the water of Kevin MacDonald's (R.G. Armstrong) ranch. MacDonald settled in the area about 20 years ago, despite wolves and Native Americans, and has been working the dry land with his four sons and daughter, resisting Jason's advances.

The sheriff and his team come to the aid of MacDonald, whose water is being stolen.

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