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Charlize Theron, Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb
Joleen Reedy (Charlize Theron), whose boyfriend gets arrested, is kicked out of her home and needs a place to stay with her 11-year-old daughter Tara (Anna Sophia Robb). She asks for help from her trusted brother James, who she knows won't mind hosting them in his modest rental house.

Soon after moving in, Joleen goes off with another man, leaving James unprepared to take care of her troubled niece. He tries his best to make Tara happy, but things quickly spiral out of control: James loses his job and Tara is on the verge of being sent to a foster home.

At this critical moment, James makes a life-altering decision. To confront his past, he takes Tara with him to Utah, where their family farm is located. James' return to the farm reopens old wounds between him and his father (Dennis Hopper).

In this unexpected turn of events, James takes on the role of a father that Tara has never had before, and it becomes his ultimate purpose in life.


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