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Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder
Ronny (Vaughn), who is a perpetual bachelor, and Nick (James), who has a happy marriage, have been together through thick and thin since their college years. Now, as partners in a car design company, the two friends are competing to win a dream project that will ignite their business. With the support of Ronny's girlfriend Beth (Connelly) and Nick's wife Geneva (Ryder), they become an unstoppable force. However, when Ronny accidentally sees Geneva with another man, his world turns upside down and he takes it upon himself to find the answers. His amateur investigation leads to a hilarious mess, uncovering a few secrets of Nick's own. As time goes on and the pressure from their biggest presentation builds, Ronny must decide if he's willing to risk everything by telling his closest friend the truth.


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